Parents against phone addiction in young adolescents

Parenting in a digital world,

Making different choices for our children

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PAPAYA is about promoting wellness and improved mental health in adolescents by helping young people re-balance with technology.

There is growing evidence that young people today are facing a growing mental health crisis with rising levels of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and loneliness. Although technology and social media are definitely not the only contributing factor, if technology is part of the equation it is something we can change.

At PAPAYA we aim to help empower parents and children to make informed, positive choices with regards to THE USE OF technology in their lives.




PAPAYA launch event hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby

The PAPAYA launch event was a fantastic success, with over 150 parents and carers attending to hear about and discuss their concerns about the unrestricted use of technology in children. On a more upbeat note we also focused on solutions and how we, as parents and carers, can work together to help our children thrive in a digital age.


PAPAYA are delighted to parter with Bristol City Council and to have signed the Bristol Children’s Charter and help to achieve the goal that…

“Children have an ability to thrive and be safe in an ever changing digital world”


The Bristol mayor’s blog

To read about the effect of smart phones and social media on mental well being in adolescents follow the link for an article written by Dr Susie Davies:

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-Free KS 2& 3 workshops for schools in the Bristol area.

-In line with new PHSE curriculum.

-Workshops cover self esteem and social media as well as well as ways for young people to get the right balance with technology.

Please donate to our fund30to help us deliver FREE schools workshops in the Bristol area

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